How to automatically synchronize your Garmin movements with Strava?

Strava is a great platform for tracking your physical activity. So many of you have used other applications like Garmin link for activity tracking and would like to start using Strava, but you don’t know if you can synchronize your previous data. This article is for you if you too are a Garmin user and wish to sync your activities to Strava such as running, cycling etc. You can excel in synchronizing the data with a few tricks. Continue to read to find all the choices.


How can your data be synchronized with Strava?

If you want to use your mobile phone or the Express application to do so, you are able to sync the Garmin user data with Strava by using either the Garmin link software. The steps for you are mentioned here. Look at it:

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Use the Garmin App program

The Garmin Connect app allows you to synchronize your activity with the Strava account. If your device Garmin is Bluetooth-enabled, install the Garmin Connect app and build your Connect account. Click Settings > 3rd Party Apps> Select Strava to link it to the Strava account. Pause until your job is downloaded after that.

Your Garmin workout data will also be synced to your Strava account after the first transfer during the past 90 days.


The Garmin Express Software Can be used

There is another way to synchronize the information from your Garmin app to your Strava profile. The Garmin Express software can be used and the past data matched to Strava. Follow the steps given:

You have to install the Express software and then connect your phone to import event information from your computer.

Go to the homepage of Strava. In the address bar, enter and find the alternative Garmin. To create a connection to your Strava account, click on this.

When you connect successfully all recent events are automatically synced to the Strava account by the Garmin Connect app. After uploading and Synchronization of your first data, Garmin will automatically sync all of your activity data to your Strava account for the past 90 days.


If I don’t sync Garmin data to my Strava account, what can I do?

If you have just linked your Garmin account in Strava, you will wait a while until Strava is synced with a new activity. The old data will be downloaded for 90 days as soon as your first operation is synchronized. You should attempt to perform research and then erase it to begin synchronizing past data. Garmin will sync your past habits directly to your Strava account after your first download.

You may also encounter some delays during Garmin’s coordination of operations, especially during peak upload times. We advise that you continue to check if the Sync is finished. To check the Garmin status page (normally 6 from the bottom), the status of’ Strava’ is checked. Or you can visit the Strava status page and search the Garmin Connect upload status. You should use the file upload option and import the event file directly from the phone or export it from your Garmin connect app and manually upload it if you do not want to wait. You may not be Strava compatible with your file if you receive an error during the file uploading such as’ bad time data’

The connect between Strava and Garmin Connect can also be attempted. In your Strava settings, you can detach and link Garmin Sync again. Go to website or mobile app settings, click on’ disconnect’ and it will be done. You will click on’ link’ to reconnect and track the permission flow. Keep in mind that Garmin Sync is only enabled when both accounts are reconnected before your first new activity is downloaded to your Garmin Connect account.

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